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Energy – Engineering & Innovation

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Jaizian looks to grow delivering value at every step of the process. Global expertise, a vast technical and market knowledge base are pillars upon which our approach towards design is built. Creating a synergy between pragmatic design and innovation is our way of ensuring that our solutions are at par with world-class standards expected by our clients.

Our solutions are simple & efficient to encourage adoption and long lasting, the solar plants constructed by us stand proof.


"Provide transformative engineering and design solutions that reinvent our relationship with the natural world"

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We provide the following Integrated Design and Engineering Services for Energy Division, from Concept to Commissioning:

Integrated Design and Engineering Services for Energy Division

  • Project Feasibility Analysis
  • Design and Engineering Services
  • Electrical
  • Structural
  • Civil

We also provide specialty services which focus on the process of planning, designing and constructing structures to ensure real value which go beyond the 'Green' protocols and standards:

  • Concept and Pre-Design
  • Architecture
  • Foundation & Civil Design
  • Process Design & Optimization

Utility Scale Solar

From site surveys and feasibility reports to the lifetime maintenance of the plant, we undertake turnkey projects across the life of the plant; ensuring our clients have all the resources they need for a bankable project. In-house design and engineering team, efficient construction teams and deep industry and technology know-how are our forte. Our customers also enjoy the benefits of the advisory services that help them understand and gain clarity on aspects of financing, policies, land, fiscal benefits, and regulatory approvals to successfully install solar power plants. Jaizian Energy Pvt. Ltd. goes beyond the contract and their value engineering ensure customers reap the maximum benefits.

Project Development

From thought to design to implementation, Jaizian is with you all the way.

Turnkey EPC

We use our expertise to give you a generation ready Solar Power Plant as per your sizing & output ratio.

Project Management

Our staff of highly trained engineers and technicians makes sure that the project is delivered exactly and above expectations.

Roof Top

What is Roof Top?

Distributed Solar solutions have become beneficial and viable in the Indian market for the following reasons:

  • Generation at the point of consumption
  • Sizing on the basis of actual loads leading to customized solutions
  • Balance energy can be fed back into the grid taking advantage of recently introduced net metering policies
  • Strong policy support and benefits by both state and central governments

Why Roof Top?

  • The rising electricity tariff from conventional sources can be curbed by locally available and accessible natural resources
  • High positive environmental impact on the community
  • The economics of solar power are conducive to lower investments
  • Jaizian provides strong expertise, skill and experience in this domain
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Solar Tracking System - Innovation

“Innovation requires an experimental mindset.”

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Single Axis Tracking System

Single axis trackers have one degree of freedom that acts as an axis of rotation. The axis of rotation of single axis trackers is typically aligned along a true North meridian. It is possible to align them in any cardinal direction with advanced tracking algorithms.

Dual Axis Tracking System

Dual axis trackers have two degrees of freedom that act as axes of rotation. These axes are typically normal to one another. The axis that is fixed with respect to the ground can be considered a primary axis. The axis that is referenced to the primary axis can be considered a secondary axis.

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