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Solar Tracking System - Innovation

“Innovation requires an experimental mindset.”

When it’s all about reinventing nature, why not go completely based on nature and have no human interface involved. This drove us to continuously work on getting innovative ideas and convert those ideas into real by experimenting them.

single axis and dual axis solar tracker system
solar tracker system working sunlight graph

Sunlight has two components, the "direct beam" that carries about 90% of the solar energy,and the "diffuse sunlight" that carries the remainder – the diffuse portion is the blue sky on a clear day, and is a larger proportion of the total on cloudy days. As the majority of the energy is in the direct beam, maximizing collection requires the Sun to be visible to the panels for as long as possible. Trackers that have accuracies of ± 5° can deliver greater than 99.6% of the energy delivered by the direct beam plus 100% of the diffuse light. The purpose of a tracking mechanism is to follow the Sun as it moves across the sky. The complex path of the Sun is simplified by considering its daily east-west motion separately from its yearly north-south variation with the seasons of the year.

Our experimentation drove us to get an innovative product in the form of Tracker sensing Solar Beams rather then using those trackers based on human interface of inputting geological data which in turn follows the Sun perfectly across the sky which allows the maximum time of the receiving of solar rays in a day. This tracker is first of its kind in the world of solar renewable energy, which increases output by almost up to 80% compared to that given by other trackers and the traditional installations. This Tracker also allows lesser degradation life of PV Modules as the tracker keeps the rays of the sun mostly falling perpendicular to the PV modules. And our team of expertise continuously strives for innovating better and better to reinvent nature so as to benefit our clients.

Tracking systems that adjust the position of PV modules to follow the sun can boost yields from solar installations up to 80%. Jaizian differs from other traditional trackers in 2 ways. First, the tracker is based on tracking Solar Beams as well as Astronomical Algorithms. Second, we got 4 different configurations for tracker systems available compared to others having 2 configurations. They are,

  • Single-axis trackers rotate about one axis, azimuthally orienting the panels to track the sun’s movements over the course of a day. This system has flat PV panels fixed on the structure.
  • Single-axis trackers rotate about one axis, azimuthally orienting the panels to track the sun’s movements over the course of a day. This system has PV panels Tilt on the structure.
  • Dual-axis trackers provide both azimuth rotation for daily tracking and tilt rotation for seasonal tracking the movement of the sun.
  • Fixed structure with automated Degree Setter. During the sunrise, the structure lifts till 25” and after the sunset, it gets back to normal position automatically.

Jaizian offers standard single and dual axis tracking products for commercial applications (kW scale) as well as residential. These trackers are mounted on a galvanized steel pole structure and use PLC driven linear actuators to orient the PV panels and track the sun. The trackers have built in wind protection to protect the panels if the wind speeds are too high.

Single Axis Tracking System

Horizontal Single Axis Tracking System


Single Axis Tilt Tracking System

Horizontal Single Axis Tilt Tracking System


Dual Axis Tracking System

Dual Axis Tracking System


Electronic Degree Setter Tracking System

Electronic Degree Setter Tracking System


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